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Scientific Technology and Business Journal

Innovation & Impact is an interdisciplinary Scientific Technology and Business journal presenting high profile invited papers, case studies and technology profiles concerning the process of innovation and its impact on society and market.

We are trully excited about the moment, when research starts to exert an impact on our live. This process happens on frontiers of academic research and business with involvement of many parties: technology transfer offices, universities, companies, venture capital, business angels, science parks, incubators etc. The aim of the journal is to inspire all sides by exchanging the practical examples of innovation, quality papers and profiles of technologies that are seeking for investors.

Cambridge Oxford London Innovation Ecosystem

Cambridge-Oxford-London is often referred to as the “Golden Triangle”. It’s a traditional academic hotspot that includes 4 universities ranked as top ten in the world. But in recent decades this region evolved into an impressive technological cluster with a worldwide impact.

Australia Innovation Ecosystem

The first Innovation Investment Fund in Australia was founded in 1998. Since then the ecosystem went through ups and downs to reach a current stage with numerous established hi-tech companies and a local network of programs supporting startups.

Cambridge Innovation Ecosystem

Over the last 60 years Cambridge has grown to become one of the leading technology clusters in the world. Today it is home to more than 20 science parks and 20 Cambridge-based companies that reached the $1bn threshold. This issue presents a detailed picture of the Cambridge cluster, how the ecosystem evolved and what are the long-time trends for the future.

Australia Innovation Ecosystem 2

Second issue on the Australian Innovation Ecosystem provides an insight into perspectives of Australian deep tech startups and first Q&A published in the journal. It also presents 11 exciting case studies across sectors: biotech, quantum computers, edtech, engineering, artificial intelligence.

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