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Aims & Scope

Innovation & Impact is an interdisciplinary Scientific Technology and Business journal presenting high profile invited papers, case studies and technology profiles concerning the process of innovation and its impact on society and market.

We are trully excited about the moment, when research starts to exert an impact on our live. This process happens on frontiers of academic research and business with involvement of many parties: technology transfer offices, universities, companies, venture capital, business angels, science parks, incubators etc. The aim of the journal is to inspire all sides by exchanging the practical examples of innovation, quality papers and profiles of technologies that are seeking for investors.

Journal accepts the following types of submissions:

  • Opening papers presenting systematic studies regarding issues related to the process of innovation. Each issue contains one opening paper devoted to ecosystem or sector described in the issue. The very first opening paper is the “Cambridge Phenomenon” written by David Gill, St John’s Innovation Centre.
  • Case studies presenting inspiring examples of innovation. In particular, the journal focuses on presenting route of scientific idea to the market. It also contains articles describing framework or institution that is supporting the process of technology transfer.
  • Perpsective papers presenting systematic studies regarding issues related to the process of innovation. Perspective papers are devoted to particular elements associated with the journal topics.

Journal Editors

Dr Grzegorz Liskiewicz is a researcher, entrepreneur, science popularizer. He works at the Institute of Turbomachinery, Lodz University of technology. He is working on the design and safety of centrifugal compressors with the goal to make industrial compressors safer and more economic. He graduated his PhD from University of Strathclyde, and visited University of Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds. Grzegorz serves as the Rector’s Proxy for Academic Entrepreneurship, and board of directors member in the University Technology Transfer Center ltd. In years 2018-2020 Grzegorz served as the board of directors member in the Top 500 Innovators Association Poland.

In 2011 Grzegorz co-funded ACADEMYA, company providing solutions for polish authors of research papers. Nowadays, the company is a polish leader in the field.

Lodz University of Technology, Wolczanska 219/223,
90 – 924 Lodz, Poland. Email:

Prof Barbara Jachimska is an Associate Professor at the Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences. She has M.Sc. in Material Engineering and Ceramic and M.Sc. in Environmental Protection from AGH University of Science and Technology. She holds a Ph.D. with honours in chemistry and Doctor of Sciences (habilitation) both received from Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry in 2001 and 2012, respectively. Barbara Jachimska works in the area of polymers, proteins and the assembly behaviour of biopolymers, especially study adsorption, adhesion and interfacial phenomena in the nano-colloidal system. She had many internships abroad, among others in Germany, France, China, and the UK. She participated in the implementation of tens of research projects. The results of her study were presented at many international conferences, and she is co-author more than 70 articles published in international journals. In 2015 was awarded the scholarship from Polish Ministry of Education “TOP 500 innovators” program organized jointly by the University of Cambridge Enterprise and Oxentia (Oxford University). Organizer of many international conferences and workshops, and co-organizer of events devoted to technological innovation. Expert in the Regional Operational Programme of the Malopolska Region for 2014- 2020 Regional intelligence Specialization (RIS): Life Sciences, Chemistry.

Jerzy Haber Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Niezapominajek 8, 30-239 Krakow, Poland. Email:

Dr Karolina Zapadka is the head of Babraham Accelerator at Babraham Research Campus. Karolina joined the Babraham Research Campus in 2018 where she co-founded and successfully delivered the Accelerate@Babraham initiative. As part of the initiative, Karolina launched the first life science acceleration programme for early stage ventures combining access to lab space, mentoring from business and scientific experts and access to investors in the Cambridge Cluster.

Karolina’s strong interest in life science entrepreneurship and expediting treatment to patients motivated her to join the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable in 2013 where she launched the OneStart competition. She then co-founded and became Chief of Staff at the Global Innovation Forum and IMAGINE IF! accelerator in 2014. This experience enabled her to develop strong relationships with various partners regionally, nationally and internationally – including investors, academic leaders, senior managers and CEO’s of biotech and big pharmaceutical companies.

Karolina has over 7 years experience in building healthcare companies within the Cambridge Cluster. She played a pivotal role in securing over £8.5 million for a number of British early stage ventures (pre-seed and seed stage) from a stellar syndicate of investors (business angels and VCs). She started her career as a scientist in protein and peptide therapeutics at a leading biopharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of products to enable improved treatments for diabetes care. Karolina completed a PhD in Biophysics at the University of Cambridge and carried out her Postdoctoral work at AstraZeneca (MedImmune).

Babraham Research Campus, Babraham Hall, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AT

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